One Step Beyond (Let’s Innovate)



Take a chance.  That’s what I’m asking my teachers this year.  Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  I have declared to our community that we will be the leaders in innovation.  This means that we have to ask: Why not now?  Why not here?  Why not us?

I have had probably the most amazing week with my new faculty.  Being the new Principal at a school can bring some trepidation, but this staff has warmly welcomed me and my ideas.  We have rolled out a new method for our professional development and the level of engagement and participation has been unbelievable.  We have had conversations about Edmodo, student blogging, flexible learning spaces, BYOD, and collaborative learning.  I am by no means expecting the entire school to shift overnight.  The expectation is that a good number of teachers will latch onto each of these topics and we can build from there.  I have a strong feeling that this is a group of teachers that will embrace the challenge.  The interesting part will be to see how these concepts are being implemented and what our discussions will sound like as we create a climate of trust and transparency.  My ideal vision is that teachers will invite my AP and I into their classrooms as they attempt a new strategy or idea to solicit our feedback.  I then hope that my feedback will inspire them to continue forward, making tweaks and alterations as they refine their skills.  Our unofficial motto has become “Don’t be boring; Be Awesome!”.  I look forward to an “awesome” year of learning and growing, both with our students and with each of us.

Lead on with love.


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