All You Need is Love


Starting in a new school this year has been interesting and exciting in so many ways.  I made the bold proclamation that I would learn the names of all of our students.  Now, there are almost 1200 students in my school so this will be a bit of a challenge.  Some of the children started quizzing me on the first day of school!  I have had to tell them that I need time to make connections and build relationships before this can happen, but they still keep testing me.  It’s all good though because I can see the enthusiasm in their eyes and their desire to make a connection with the person responsible for their safety and learning.

The other interesting thing is defining what my priorities are as we seek to transform our school into a place where risk-taking is expected, trust is evident, and everyone is in a state of constant learning.  My focus at the start of this process is to create an environment of love and respect.  School should be an amazing place where we all seek to make each others’ lives better.  I want everyone to be excited and happy each time they walk into our building.  We cannot move forward as a school unless each person feels pride in our environment and in what we do.  So while I am asking for each teacher to try something new and to step out of their comfort zone, I know that my first step is to spread love throughout our school community.

I discovered that love was the key to successful schools a few years ago and now I don’t think I can work in an environment without making sure that everyone feels it.  It really is this simple – love everyone, but only spend time with those who make your life better.  And the great thing is that we all have love in abundance and can share it how we choose.

Love is the new currency.  How will you spend it?


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