Average is Over: Define Yourself Part 2


Average is over.  I saw that phrase last week and it has stuck in my head ever since.  Last week I wrote about defining yourself and rising above expectations that others may have for you.  I want to follow up on that by addressing my belief that average is never alright, especially when it comes to our children’s education.  Our students deserve the best each and every day.  Last school year I started with the theme of “Don’t be boring, be awesome!” from Kid President.  The concept was to push yourself beyond what is comfortable, beyond the norm.  I am always looking out for my top teachers to brag about.  Every student in my school should experience what the students in the best teachers’ classrooms get to experience.  I want all of our parents to be excited about their child’s teacher.  Every classroom should be the room that I take visitors to.

Average is not OK.  It is not even the minimum requirement for me.  We cannot move forward as a school or an educational system if we do not aspire to be great.  So, what can we do to be awesome?  We should constantly look to improve ourselves.  Life is not about accepting that we are a finished product.  We can always become better.  Reading as much as we can and connecting with others in our field are two of the best ways to ensure that we are moving forward to a better self.  We don’t want our students to accept average for themselves, so why would we be OK with that for ourselves?  For a moment, rate yourself against the others that you work with.  Where would you rank?  If you believe that you are one of the best, what do you do that makes you stand out?  If you don’t think you rate at a high level, why not?  What do the top performers do that you can emulate?  How can everyone learn from each other?

Awesome is the new standard.  It’s not about trying to stand out for personal glory or gain.  It’s about being the best because our students deserve it.  They need someone to really care about them.  They need inspiration and motivation.  They need guidance as they learn about their world and their place in it.  Be the person who provides all of that for them and then be even more.

Average simply will not cut it. It’s boring.

Don’t be boring, be awesome!


One thought on “Average is Over: Define Yourself Part 2

  1. Put students FIRST and keep your ego out of the classroom. Stop the dog and pony show, and humble yourself; be REAL. Your students will love you for it!!

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