Big Wave

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“I feel the need
Planted in me
Millions of years ago
Can’t you see
The ocean’s size?
Defining time
And time
Arms laid upon me
Being so kind
To let me ride”
– Pearl Jam, from their song Big Wave

I was at the beach today on the last day of winter break with my family (apologies to those in my PLN that live in cold weather areas – yes, swimming in January is indeed a possibility). What a glorious way to end two weeks of resting, relaxing and reflecting. One of my favorite things in the world is swimming in the ocean, riding the waves or just soaking in the sun. The ocean water is rejuvenating and it helps me to meditate, as I am able to block out all of the outside noise while the waves are crashing around me. Being at the beach at the beginning of a new year is a perfect way to help me take stock in where I am in life and where I want to be.

When I am in the ocean I feel connected to the entire world. It’s a spiritual experience for me in which I imagine all the people in various parts of the world swimming in their ocean at the same time as me. I appreciate that we are all one, we are all connected, we are in the same water. Let’s appreciate the connections that we have with each other. Even though our paths may be different and we go through our individual struggles, we are still all part of the same body of people. Love each other. Forgive each other.

My sons, Maddox and Jagger, brought shovels and pails with them so they could play in the sand. I watched them as they began to dig a hole, moving sand and pouring water in it. Soon a few other children came by to help them, children who my boys didn’t know and who they probably won’t meet again. And that’s OK, because people come in and out of our lives on a regular basis. I began to think about our collaborations throughout life and the people who come into our lives even for the briefest moment. Our collaborations with each other are truly what life is all about. Appreciate the time that you are with each other.

Last year I read the book One Word, which encourages you to pick one word that will guide you and motivate you throughout the year rather than making resolutions that you probably won’t keep. My word for this year will be “moment”. A big part of my belief system is focusing on the “now” and putting my energy in each moment. This year I will continue to do this and work on inspiring others to do the same. We must learn to appreciate each moment. Our time together is too fleeting and we don’t know when our connection will end. Too often we are caught wishing for the weekend or a big vacation. But when we do that, we are really wishing for the days leading up to the weekend or vacation to speed right by and we miss out on the wonderful experiences that can occur on a daily basis. I ask that you do not wish your days away, because truthfully, weekends only make up a small portion of our lives. Do you really want to wish away over 70% of your life? I do not and I am sure you don’t either.

So join me this year. Appreciate the conversation with your colleague. Treasure the daily interactions with your family. Value each minute of each day. We never know when our last minute might be. And if you need some inspiration, get yourself to the ocean and ride a wave.



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